I am happy to help you!

You are planning your holiday, you are on a business trip

or at the hospital?


You want your house/apartment

to be taken care of while you are away and you are

seeking for a competent house-sitter?


You would feel more relaxed being away when

there is a reliable person taking care of your relatives?


Your pet needs to be taken for a walk

in its familiar surrounding?


You need someone to deal with your shopping,

dealing with Austrian authorities,

to walk with...?


Andrea Gaisbauer (Wallner)

1230 Wien-Inzersdorf

1190 Wien-Döbling



0681-104 46 549



Das gute Gelingen ist zwar nichts Kleines, fängt aber mit KLEINIGKEITEN an.


To turn out well is not something small, but begins with MINOR DETAILS.


- Sokrates -