All terms of business are valid, as long no divergence in the contract was agreed.


There will be a checklist to be completed.


Your mail and advertisings will be collected and saved.

Flowers and plants will be waterd due to instruction of client. Nevertheless should any flowers or plants wilt, no responsibility can be taken by

There can be no liability for supervising employees and/or manual workers and their work.

An order either by phone or mail has its validity and allows, if needed, to collect cancellation fees.

In case of illness from a replacement will be organized.

To claim compensation in case of small negligent are excluded. Except injury to persons.

Travel expenses


For services outside Vienna there will be an additional fee regarding the travel costs by train and bus, plus € 10,00 each way travelling.

Payment as agreed. 

Cancelation policy

Until 21 days prior to fixed date it is possible to cancel without payment.


Until 14 days prior to fixed date 25%

Until   7 days prior to fixed date 35%

Until   2 days prior to fixed date 50%  

From 2 days prior to fixed date the order applies as consumed. 

The client assures that he is the owner of the pet and that it is free of any parasite and infectional illness.


The owner is responsible to tell me beforehand of any characteristics as: to scrap (pugnacity), to bite, to dig, to run off, special behavior towards other pets and humans etc... Should there be any damage caused by defected leash or muzzle no responsibility can be taken.

Should the owner agree to let the dog off the lead or leash, he is aware of the risks and will make no claim for compensation should there be any damage. In case of an accident, run off or injury no responsibility can be taken.

In general, there could be any damage to a pet in spite of carrying out the passed forward guidelines. Therefore no responsibility can be taken.

In case of illness or injury your pet will be taken to a (your) Veterinarian immediately. Those charges will be refunded by the pets' owner.


Andrea Gaisbauer (Wallner)

1230 Wien-Inzersdorf

1190 Wien-Döbling


0681-104 46 549



Das gute Gelingen ist zwar nichts Kleines, fängt aber mit KLEINIGKEITEN an.


To turn out well is not something small, but begins with MINOR DETAILS.


- Sokrates -