I look after your animals and plants, mails, inspect the house, service completion

While you are gone I  look after your pets in their known surrounding, water your plants, check your mail, take care of your garbage collection, inspect the house for water damage etc., open the windows for some fresh air, use the blinds or/and curtains. 

I pick up from the cleansers, take back books or DVD's to the library, I buy grocery a day ahead of your returning.


Associator, Proprietor

I keep your relatives company and make sure everything is in order. I stop by for a chat, be there to listen, shop with or for them. If liked I go for a walk, do a little trip or go to the theater or concert etc...


Austrian authorities

I assist you in dealing with Austrian authorities.


Appointments and Periods

Let me know what kind of service you need.  

That can be once a week, one or several times a day or on the full service basis.



To contact me please click here: contact


Andrea Gaisbauer (Wallner)

1230 Wien-Inzersdorf

1190 Wien-Döbling



0681-104 46 549



Das gute Gelingen ist zwar nichts Kleines, fängt aber mit KLEINIGKEITEN an.


To turn out well is not something small, but begins with MINOR DETAILS.


- Sokrates -