• According to our arrangements the services could include the following: 

        - care of houseplants, light gardening, garbage 


        - pet care (feeding, medical dosing, bathing, regular


        - mail collecting, mail forwarding, take care of

          publicity brochures

        - airing the rooms, use the blinds or/and curtains

  • If you have your relatives living with you let me know what kind of arrangement you would like to have.
  • Make a shopping list of items you would like to have in the house on your return.
  • Of course neither your bar nor your food will be touched.
  • Only those rooms will be used which you wish me to be serviced.
  • There will be no visitors to your home.
  • There will be no smoking at your home.
  • If possible a meeting will be scheduled to tour your home and being given instructions.
  • If a pet is to be taken care off, its moods and ways need to be communicated.


Andrea Gaisbauer (Wallner)

1230 Wien-Inzersdorf

1190 Wien-Döbling



0681-104 46 549



Das gute Gelingen ist zwar nichts Kleines, fängt aber mit KLEINIGKEITEN an.


To turn out well is not something small, but begins with MINOR DETAILS.


- Sokrates -